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Back Pain Service

Pinched Nerves and Slipped Discs

Whether it is in the neck, upper back or lower back, therapy is usually a good option. Slipped discs and pinch nerves can manifest as back pain, neck pain and even tingling and numbness in the shoulder, arm, hand, fingers and even down the leg or foot. Where you experience tingling or numbness usually depends on the spinal level at which nerve compression takes place.

In these scenario where there is nerve pinching / compression, there is usually accompanying muscle spasms which then add to pain and reduced mobility.

This is why our session usually include massage and stretching to reduce muscle spasms. This will then be followed with therapeutic exercises. Patients will usually have a home exercise program to follow outside of clinic sessions.

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Muscle Spasms

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All skeletal muscle is subject to spasms, from your scalp all the way to the bottom of your feet leading to headaches and toe cramping. Spasms can be due to medical conditions, mineral deficiencies, excessive physical activity, lack of exercise and psychological stress.

A lot of times people come to our clinic and  report pains that seem to be a “mystery”. One of the most common “mysterious” pains is a pinching or burning in the upper back close to or between the shoulder blades. In the majority of cases it is due to neck or upper back muscle spasm that comes about because of poor posture while working a desk and leaning forward at a computer or heavy manual labour. In the majority of cases muscle release in the neck and upper back along with spinal mobility exercises can lead to a lot of relief.

However if we suspect a medical or psychological cause we also offer medical services, blood tests and psychological counselling.


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Adult Scoliosis

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When adults are diagnosed with scoliosis, many are of the opinion that only major surgery will correct the problem.

However, only a small percentage will actually require major reconstructive surgery.  The majority of people with scoliosis can adequately manage their symptoms without any type of surgery.

In many cases, the treatment for scoliosis is geared towards relieving symptoms rather than fixing the curve in the spine, although some degree of correction can be achieved with proper stretching and footwear adjustments.

Adult scoliosis patients are initially treated as we would treat a patient with a normal spine who has back pain.  Treatment will include massage and physical therapy to reduce muscle spasms, strengthen and stabilize the spine. We may also include anti-inflammatory medications to alleviate pain in the initial stages of treatment.  Of course, medication will weaned off as the symptoms improve.

Exercises and stretching done at home throughout your life will help to control or eliminate symptoms.

In many cases sciatica responds to massage, exercise, stretching and spinal mobility exercises. It is important patients understand that home therapy is also important. Initially you will need to do some form of therapy everyday.  However doing this in the clinical setting will not be possible for most. So, that it is why we will develop home exercise regimen for you. During your session you will be coached in proper exercise techniques so you can effectively perform them at home. 

Tennis ball massages done at home or work are a great way to release tight spots in the lower back, gluteals, hamstrings and calves.  This can give some level of pain relief and help you get on with your day.  This can be combined with stretches and anti-inflammatories.   

In our clinical sessions, electrical stimulation, therapeutic ultrasound, kinesio taping can also be added to help with relief. 

We advise that post-session, you sleep on a firm surface with proper leg support with a pillow. You are always free to contact us post session if you have any questions or concerns.