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 Who we are

Do you suffer from back pain, neck pain, hip mobility issues, knee arthritis, ankle strain or even heel spurs?

Is your quality of life not what you want it to be?  Is pain keeping you awake at night or are your family and social life being affected?

Then why not call us and book a consultation or therapy session?

Our clinic attends to a wide range of nerve, joint and muscle issues.  From stroke patient to athlete, we can help.  We offer medical consultations, physiotherapy, massage, spinal adjustment, electrical stimulation, dry needling, therapeutic ultrasound and kinesio-taping to name a few.

Call or Whatsapp (868) 747-5297 today to book your appointment. 

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Massage Therapy

Massage is a very effective way to treat muscle spasms, some headaches and generlized body pain.  It is often used in conjunction with physiotherapy to assist with rehabilitation.

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If you are seeking injury or stroke rehabilitation, physiotherapy is a great option.  While painkillers and muscle relaxants have their place, it must be recognized that exercise is medicine as well. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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Abnormal degrees of spinal curvature and vertebral mis-alignments can be a source of pain and reduced movement.  Why not let our registered physiotherapist assess and treat you accordingly ?

Spinal Adjustment

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Back Pain Therapy

Back pain is the most common condition we treat.  The majority of cases don't require surgery and respond quite well to massage and physiotherapy.

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Tight zones within muscles (trigger points) can be effectively treated by insertion of very fine needles.  It is an excellent way to target "trouble spots" that are not responding to other therapies.

Dry Needling​​​​​​​​

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When kinesio-tape is properly applied, it lifts the skin to create a space between the muscle and dermis layer.  The created space eases pressure off the swollen or injured muscles  It also allows for improved blood flow and waste drainage.

Our Services

Don't see a service you require?  Then call us at (868) 747-5297 and tell us what you are seeking to treat

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I had a shocking experience with Dr. Sinanan, literally lol I visited PPCFC for a nagging stiff neck pain and received various treatments from shock, to massage to ultrasound and boy did it help!

I would gladly recommend Dr. Sinanan. I've been to other doctors who helped, gave sound advice and was very friendly and I was glad to see the same here. Long story short : visited with pain, left feeling 100 times better!

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Ravindra Vir M​​​​​​​

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