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In many cases sciatica responds to massage, exercise and stretching.   Additionally, if needed, we can provide electrical stimualation, kinesio taping and therapeutic ultrasound. 

However, it is important our patients understand that home therapy is also important for proper recovery. Initially you will need to do some form of therapy everyday. However, doing this in the clinical setting will not be possible for most. So, that it is why we will develop home exercise regimen for you.

During your session you will be coached in proper exercise techniques so you can effectively perform them at home. Typically we will contact via phone or text 3-4 days after your first session to be updated on your progress. However, you are always free to contact us before that if you have any questions or concerns. 

Pinched Nerves and Slipped Discs

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Whether it is in the neck, upper back or lower back, therapy is usually a good idea to explore therapy before surgery or steroid injections. Slipped discs (disc herniation) and pinched nerves can manifest as back pain, neck pain and even tingling and numbness in the shoulder, arm, hand, fingers and even down the leg or foot.

In these scenarios there is usually accompanying muscle spasms which then add to pain and reduced mobility. With this in mind a good initial treatment would be stretching and massage to reduce muscle spasms. This can then be followed with muscle strengthening exercises and exercises to increase your range of motion. This can lead to a reduction in pain and other symptoms.

Muscle Spasms

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All skeletal muscle is subject to spasms (cramping), from your scalp to the bottom of your feet leading to symptoms that range from headaches to toe stiffness. Spasms can be due to medical conditions, mineral deficiencies, excess physical activity and psychological stress.

A lot of times people report pains that are a “mystery”. One of the most common “mysterious” pains is a pinching or burning in the upper back close to or between the shoulder blades. In the majority of cases it is due to upper back muscle spasm due to physical activity or poor posture development while working a desk job and leaning forward at a computer.

In the majority of cases muscle release in the neck and upper back along with mobility exercises can lead to a lot of relief. However if we suspect a medical or psychological cause we also offer medical services, blood tests and psychological counselling.

Foot Pain

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Foot pain can be debilitating as it can limit your freedom and ability to work. Many are worried that it may be due to undiagnosed diabetes,  worsening diabetes or a heart or kidney problem. At our clinic you will be assessed to ensure your foot pain is not due to a medical condition.  If that is suspected we can perform blood tests and offer specialist medical reviews.

However, our therapeutic methods can attend to injuries, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, ankle injuries and more. If you had a fracture and need rehabilitation to help you to walk properly again, we can help!  We always advise that you bring you regular home and work footwear to a session, as these may also be contributing to your pain.  

Heel Spurs and Plantar Fasciitis

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Do you have heel pain upon waking up that forces you to walk on your toes for a while? What about after sitting or resting for a period of time?  Then it is likely you have plantar fasciitis.  Plantar fasciitis is inflammation of the plantar fascia, a tough  ligament at the bottom of the foot. It functions to support the arch of the foot which absorbs shock as you run or walk. Additional weight, poor foot mechanics, improper footwear or even scoliosis can lead to plantar fasciitis.

Heel spurs come about due to calcium been deposited in the chronically inflamed plantar fascia but it is usually not cause of the pain.  However, if they grow large enough they can eventually become an additional source of pain and you may need to have them surgically removed or even cut the plantar fascia. Therapy is a good option before attempting steroid injections or surgery.  Even if you do get relief from steroid injections, therapy is still recommended thereafter, because the pain can be worse if you get a recurrence.    

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